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The Xanax Files

2013-07-10 09:21:21 by BasedBubbus

Moments ago a true gem was announced to the world.

Legendary up and coming music producer Xanzabar has announced to the world that his debut album The Xanax Files will be dropping September 1, 2013.

This will probably be one of the most if not THE most important musical releases of the 2000s. It will define, shape, build, and lead a generation.

Anyone who isn't hype for this should stop listening to music and promptly choke the life out of themselves.

A few quotes from some people you may have heard of:

Kanye West- "I dropped Yeezus so early in the year because I had to hurry and get finished because I knew that n***a Xanzabar was going to dominate the remainder of the year and the decade after."

Flying Lotus- "*Inaudible*"

RZA- That n***a was speechless

The Xanax Files


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2013-07-11 09:47:54

i take mollies
i take xannies
i can't eat no breakfast


2013-07-12 10:50:04

Your frames catch the eye.


2013-07-16 23:59:54

High five on the GPU thread.


2013-07-18 15:50:00

gonna be a flop

disappointment of the year


2013-07-20 14:58:43

I couldn't find any of his songs. I looked. Nada. Not easy to hype an album like that.