Music Video Review- Drake/StartedFromTheBottom

2013-02-25 19:44:54 by BasedBubbus

im completely bored and have nothing to do with my life, so i'll start doing reviews of music videos. if im familiar with the song i may critique that as well

Now Im not the hugest Drake fan. I was a couple years ago, but he's changed up his flow and blah blah whatever. Im reviewing this video because the song is catchy as fuck and makes you feel good. Drake's lyrical skills are obviously very "dumbed down" but it works well.

The whole song is basically Drake repeating the chorus, throwing in some rhymes in between. And the whole video is him dancing sporadically and relishing in what he has and hanging with his crew, besides the store. The store part makes the video very fun and the chick is "gorgy". And then they get back to dancing sporadically and relishing.

I dont really know what bottom Drake started from, but I guess its hard on the Toronto soccer field and throwing your uncle who wants his car back into the mix is hard shit.

I give the video a 7/10. Most of this is coming from the comedy of the store he was working in. The video didnt give me anything new that isn't in any rap video: hot women, jet, big mansion, fancy car. Id recommend you watch just for the comedy scene.

Rec me some videos you want reviewed. I guarantee the shit will change depending on my mood, which fluctuates like bitch.


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2013-02-26 19:50:00

the only song with drake in it that i like is poetic justice by kendrick lamar

review cirrus by bonobo, excellent vid


2013-03-03 17:52:28

Yeah the comedy scene was good. Dude with the beard was hot. Anyway the song is getting on my nerves now. Everybody and their Damn mama started from the bottom.