Getting $600

2013-02-15 16:25:06 by BasedBubbus

Im thinking buying one or a combination of these things:

1. A new laptop- I really need a new laptop. I've dropped this one many times and you can definitely tell. Not to mention I cant seem to figure out why it wont run sony programs.

2. An Ipod(or mp3 player and 8GB+ memory card)- I really need this too. My current mp3 player touchscreen doesnt work an is shot to fuck and only holds 4GBs of music. It sucks. I just never bought an ipod or upgraded because I had my phone, but I've lost it so...

3. An external hard drive- Also need this. I want to start downloading more music and I'll need more space.

So, what do you guys think? Any inks/suggestions?


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2013-02-15 16:26:51

ipods have SSD solid state drives for life bitches fuck you motherfucker waka flaka flame one hood ass n****r

BasedBubbus responds:

explain why i should my mula for this


2013-02-15 16:53:35

ipod tuch is awesome , ask me


2013-02-18 14:31:46

spend it all on a new laptop

BasedBubbus responds:

all of it!?


2013-02-19 21:31:08


BasedBubbus responds:

i should get 3?


2013-02-20 08:54:30

Give me it all.

(Updated ) BasedBubbus responds:

only cuz i love you


2013-02-21 18:02:40

RIP 39307984dbce434906a2f5

BasedBubbus responds:

are you saying rip because im getting money and the file name is ghettobased and i wont be hood anymore?
because my name doesn't have based anymore?
squidbit i dont know whats gong on


2013-02-21 18:53:34

Because you aren't MiloBased anymore and you are no longer pretty.

BasedBubbus responds:

you dont think im pretty anymore?
was it the haircut?


2013-02-21 19:15:06

Lmao!!!!!!!! I remember that picture!!!!!!!! You look just like this girl who works at the grocery store.

BasedBubbus responds:

would you sex her?


2013-02-21 19:54:26

You've just lost your boyish charm.

BasedBubbus responds:

is it because im 18
you said we would be together


2013-02-21 20:48:28

Maybe. If I was a man.

BasedBubbus responds:

i think


2013-02-22 13:16:33

Probably sell the laptop you currently have on Craigslist for as much as possible, then get a new lappy top on credit so you still can have money left over to buy the other things you want


BasedBubbus responds:

The laptop i currently have is beaten up and the cover for the screen is ready to come off after another drop. not an option


2013-02-22 14:08:47

I <3 u, biscuit

BasedBubbus responds:

I <3 u, cat thing.


2013-02-22 14:11:42

lets shecks
no homo

BasedBubbus responds:

i'll put my microsd in your slot


2013-02-22 14:27:45

Oh god yes
still no homo

BasedBubbus responds:



2013-02-22 19:37:06

You could probably get a netbook and an iPod for that much if you hunt down a good deal.

BasedBubbus responds:

cant do netbooks sonny


2013-02-23 21:36:03

u spoiled little L.A. girl
u just an L.A. girl

BasedBubbus responds:

haha that was a good one
your first good one in a while